So I tried to follow along with the live blog of the Xbox announcement today. Nothing really excited me.
That's not to say it isn't cool, or that I'm not going to buy one. It's just that nothing really jumped out and grabbed me.

I don't think the problem is that it isn't cool, or doesn't have a pile of new stuff. I think the problem is that it is all an evolution rather than a revolution. The key issue I think is that the Xbox 360 is a moving target, it has been constantly evolving. If you compare the Xbox One to the originally released 360, wow what a difference! But over those long years the 360's gone through hardware iterations, dashboard updates, and added Kinect. That makes Xbox One more like 360++ to me.

The TV integration seemed to be the one feature that got my attention. But it really just raised more questions - what providers will it work with? Will I have to upgrade my satellite box? Will there be an additional monthly charge? Also, while I'd love to have a single 'hub' for my gaming, TV, and media streaming I'm fully integrated with the Apple TV now and I wonder how hard it would be to transition my content over? Is it even possible without a Windows machine? Finally I read that this thing has a Blu-Ray drive, but won't play BR movies?? What what? I hope that isn't true. All that integration and still needing to switch over to dedicated BlueRay player to watch disks sure would be stupid. Update: Ok, I've confirmed that it WILL play Blu-Ray disks. That allows me to replace another box in my theater room, so I'm all in. Of course Apple could still announced something iTV related at WWDC that could change my mind.