So T-Mobile had their new contract free roll out and also announced that they will be carrying the iPhone. Is this really going to shake up the carrier industry?

I really can't say for certain that this will change the world, but I think the idea of contract free is great. Any anything that puts pressure on the other carriers to loosen up has to be a good thing. From some of the comments I've been reading however it seems that many people had different expectations on things like pricing, or device locking etc. People were even complaining about how much you had to pay for a phone etc. I think the concept of your phone not be subsidized will take a while to sink in. I'm not sure what I expected either, but I think a better deal for unlimited data WITH tethering. All in all everything is pretty competitive though. I hear they will be rolling on LTE in Seattle very soon. When I finally do upgrade to an iPhone 5, I'm going to get an unlocked model that will work on either T-Mobile or ATT, then I won't feel so locked in.