In case you haven't heard, Evernote is increasing the pricing on its paid tiers and limiting its free tier to only sync with 2 devices. How 'could' this affect their bottom line? Let's run some hypothetical numbers.

Basic - adds passcode, limits to 2 devices per account (web use doesn't count I don't think)
Plus - was $3 month, $25 year -> now $4 month, $35 year
Premium was $6 month, $45 year -> now $8 month, $70 year

Lets make some guesses on what this move might mean... rough estimates, and only yearly pricing numbers:

Lets assume 150 million users (old 2015 number)
Lets assume 5% paid conversion rate - 7.5 million paid users
Lets assume 80 / 20 mix of pro / premium = 6m pro / 1.5m premium

Previous Pricing Sales:
Pro, 6M @ $25.00 = $150M
Premium, 1.5M @ $45.00 = $67.5M
Total: $217.5M Annual Revenue

Possible results of pricing / feature change across tiers:
Free: Some will be mad at the device limit and leave (these are not paying so don't count), some will upgrade to pro
Pro: Some will downgrade to free
Premium: Some will downgrade to pro

It is to hard to figure out what percentage of free users will cross the new, more expensive, pay barrier so instead lets guess as a percentage of current pro users:
Lets assume they gain an optimistic 5% (of 6M) pro users converting from free due to the new device limits:
300K pro users convert for 6.3M total

Lets assume a worst case of 10% downgrades for each pay tier due to price increase:
600K pro users (10% of original 6M) leave for a new total of 5.7M pro (offset by new users)
150K premium users leave for pro: This gives pro 5.85M while premium now has 1.35M premium left.

So after the churn we end up with less pro and premium users:
Pro 6M -> 5.85M
Premium 1.5M -> 1.35M

But how does this affect the bottom line?

New Pricing Sales:
Pro, 5.85M @ $35.00 = $204.75M
Premium, 1.35M @ $70.00 = $94.5M
Total: $299.25 Annual Revenue

So besides getting a whole lot of bad will, Evernote gains around 81M in annual sales, or an increase of 37.6%. Is it worth it? Time will tell. Of course all these numbers are just wild guesses. As for me, I'm considering downgrading from Premium to Pro. Normally I would ride out a price increase from one of my favorite products, but a 55% increase with no immediate benefit? The only premium features I'm using that I'll miss are search in PDF and annotate PDF.